Sunday, July 13, 2008

April's Shower

Saturday, Annette, Amber and I gave April a baby shower. April was kind enough to let us have it at her and Jake's new home, which was wonderful because many hadn't seen it yet, and it is a sight to behold. They have 5,000 square feet on 3 levels and a huge back yard with swimming pool, big willow tree, rock water fall and a nice bbq area. And the huge back yard is all enclosed in a 8-10 foot high block wall. Very private. It reminds me a lot of where we Grangers lived during our teens. We had such a great place for parties and fun.

Many family members came and it was so fun to see everyone. See my pictures to find out who was there.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2008 Reunion

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Reunion 2008
Once again the reunion was a huge success. Each function was special and there were many in attendance. Staying at the Stables at Clear Creek was a great experience. There were 50 of in and around the big house. We also had two tents and two RV's outside, but we all shared the big house. We had quite a mix of people so it created a lot of fun. We really got a kick out of our rooms? if you could call them that. There were only 3 private rooms (with a real door). All the rest were converted stables so we felt like we were actually in stalls. We joked saying, "I'm in Stall 4" (or which ever one you were in. We actually had a trough inside mounted on the wall in the corner that they used to feed the horses; and each room had a sliding door with bars on the top and a curtain that pulled for privacy. We joked about 'being in jail'....oh, and the stalls locked on the outside!?# So a lot of joking went on about that. But the open spaces in the Stables were large rooms that made it comfy.

The Golf Tournament Friday was well attended. I was told that Charlie (Ken) and Peggy Leavitt; and Larry and Claire Mineer won. Kim's pictures of the golf tournament were great for us that didn't attend.

Dinner was served up by the Russ Leavitt family and Pat & John Schoppmann. Nummy hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, with all the fixin's. Very enjoyable! Thanks guys!

The Ball Games on Saturday were absolutely fantastic. It's been so long since we've had to see the smaller kids playing and see how talented they are was awesome. And no one enjoyed it as much as they did. Thanks to Drew and Dabnew McIntyre for coaching and helping out with it. Aunt Ila's family (Kay and helpers) also had fun things for the very little kids and those who didn't want to play ball in a shady clearing nearby. The big Ball Game was also fantastic. I'm still reeling over the talent in this family. It must be hereditary because they were all soooo good!! Check out the fun pictures of each ball game. By the way, MOST of the pictures I've posted were taken by my 5 year old grandson Kaden Smith. He's pretty good. Also, thanks to Mitch Smith for the great coaching job.

Lunch was served after the ball games by the Glen Leavitt family--Kenny & Peggy, Lynn & Starr, Myrn, Benny & Debbie, Patsy & Bob. The chili and dogs were great (and potato salad.

The family meeting was held after lunch and it went very well. After a song and opening prayer by Jerrol, the business was discussed. Next year's reunion will be held at our property except for the ballgames and dance, which will be held at Clear Creek. Many of us reserved the same places we had this year for next year, so we should be able to get the BIG pavillion. Hope hope hope! Also, since Betty Webster is unable to be Vice President of our Association, Charles Kenny Leavitt (Glen) was nominated for this position and accepted. Welcome, Ken. Jerrol did a great job of conducting the meeting and keeping things under control. He explained how there had been a mixup in property lines and we may have to move our bathrooms and a small piece of the pavilion. We have secured an attorney and he is working on the situation to deal with the adjoining property owners. We discussed what to do with the property, and the it was expressed that an architectural engineer be contacted to draw up plans of the best utilization of our property. Bob & Patsy Metler's daughter will do this for us (if my notes are right) and Jerrol will present them next year to the family. Some of the functions assigned for next year are: Country Store--Teri Prescott & Nell's granddaughters (again); Ball Games--Charlie Leavitt (Lister, Cal); Saturday lunch--Jack's family; Quilt--Gustins; Church--Nell's bunch; Dance--Ray. After the meeting it was play time. The only dark spot at the reunion was that there was a serious accident during this time. There was a huge slide (long plastic slide) going down the huge lawn with water running down it. While doing this standing up, Charlie's wife fell and was injured. An ambulance was called and she was taken to Kanab Hospital where she had to be life-flighted to Las Vegas University Hospital. They took two cat-scans and couldn't pinpoint a concussion but figured that she had suffered a small stroke after the fall. We at the Stables know why, as she had 5 STRONG priesthood holders caring for her while she was lying on the floor waiting for the ambulance, and she got the best care and the most beautiful blessing. She got help from Charlie (her hubby), Cody Okuda and Steve Leavitt (Benny), Bill Kilpack and Mitch Smith (Pete). Shelly was released from the hospital on MOnday and returned to Cedar City where they live. She's back at work this week. She asked me to thank everyone who helped with her care, and all those that prayed for her recovery. She and Charlie have only been married about 7 months so they are both relieved with the outcome.

The dance was held on the HUGE pavilion that night and it was a great dance floor. All were in attendance with their dancing shoes on. Gee, what fun. I love watching the talent that bubbles up at the dance. I also think this is hereditary, as we older kids know how much our parents and grandparents loved to dance. Everyone had sooo much fun dancing the line dances, macarena, limbo, and you name it. Way Cool!! Thanks Ray for the great entertainment and giving of your time and talent. We all enjoy it.

Church Sunday morning proved my favorite function, once again. There's something about hearing your loved one's testimonies that just makes your heart burst. And the spirit is so strong you could cut it with a knife. Bill Kilpack worked up a program and Kenny Leavitt conducted. Brittnee Smith conducted the singing. Opening prayer was by Judy Bailey. Aunt Ila was our Matriarch and bore her testimony after Kenny and Peggy. Then we heard testimonies from Bill and Laura, Kay Warren, Judy and Glade, Corey Chorn, Jeri and Mic. Shazanna Chorn gave the closing prayer then we said our fond goodbyes. A beautiful end to a wonderful reunion.

I hope to see many more of you there next year. It's just too special to miss....and WE MISS YOU!

Friday, June 13, 2008

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